Michael Murrell

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Physics

Member, Systems Biology Institute

Affiliate to the BQBS Program

BS Johns Hopkins, PhD MIT, Postdoc UChicago/Inst Curie

Administrative Staff


Amy Mulholland
Lab Administrator 

Post-doctoral Associates

Dong Wang
PhD, Duke University

Scientific Interests: Migration of cells on soft substrates, granular materials.

Personal Interest: Soccer, movies and history.

Sheng Chen
PhD, Michigan State University

Scientific Interests: Active nematics, Non-newtonian fluids, Cell mechanics.

Personal Interest: Reading mystery novel and traveling.

Ryota Sakamoto

PhD Kyushu University

Graduate Students

Sven Witthaus
BS, University of California Santa Barbara

Scientific Interests: Active matter, non-equilibrium thermodynamics 

Zachary Sun
Physics Department
BA & BS, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Scientific Interests: Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Stochastic processes (theory), Cell force generation, Artificial cells (experiment).

Personal Interests: Basketball, creative writing/poetry, flute, language acquisitions.

Undergraduate Students


Sorosh Amiri (Graduate Student)

Camelia Muresan (Postdoctoral scholar)

Vikrant Yadav (Postdoctoral scholar)

Sulaiman Yousafzai (Postdoctoral scholar, Current position: NIH)

Laura Lanier (Postdoctoral scholar)

Danny Seara (PhD, May 2020, Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Chicago)

Pasha Tabatabai (Postdoctoral scholar, Current position: Professor of Physics at Seattle University)

Frank Fazekas (Undergraduate researcher)

Aaliyah Ibrahim (Undergraduate researcher)

Joseph Tibbs (Summer intern, Summer 2019)

Sirine Amiri (Summer intern, Summer 2018)

Ian Linsmeier (PhD, December 2018)

Gwilherm Jaspard (Graduate student, Ecole Polytechnique, Summer 2017)

Joel Lemiere (Postdoc, 2016-2017)