Principal Investigator

Michael Murrell

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Physics

Member, Systems Biology Institute

Affiliate to the BQBS Program

Administrative Staff


Meredith Morrow

Lab Administrator

Post-doctoral Associates


Sulaiman Yousafzai Muhammad

PhD, University of Trieste

Scientific Interests: Forces in spreading cell aggregates.

Personal Interests: Poetry, good food, and discussing current affairs.

Pasha Tabatabai

PhD, Georgetown University

Scientific Interests: Force propagation in active networks.
Personal Interests: Camping, rock climbing, and traveling.

Vikrant Yadav

PhD, Clark University

Scientific Interests: Active matter physics, biophysics, and Granular Mechanics. Designing low cost experiments.

Personal Interests: Standup comedy and documentaries, reading non-fiction, and physics of social systems.

Graduate Students

Ian Linsmeier

Biomedical Engineering Dept

NSF Graduate Fellow

BS, UW-Madison

Scientific Interests: Active, adaptive materials, and complex biological systems. Design of bioinspired, self-assembling, and light-responsive material.

Personal Interests: 3D printing, CAD platforms, and interactive design.

Danny Seara

Physics Department

NSF Graduate Fellow

BS, New York University

Scientific Interests: Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, active gel theories, and agent based simulations of the cytoskeleton.

Personal Interests: History and philosophy of science, science communication, outreach, writing music.

Undergraduate Students


Aaliyah Ibrahim

Biomedical Engineering Department


Gwilherm Jaspard (Graduate student, Ecole Polytechnique, Summer 2017)

Joel Lemiere (Postdoc, 2016-2017)