Named in honor of Yale physics professor Josiah Willard Gibbs, this microscope is the lab workhorse for in-vitro experiments. It supports data acquisition in 405, 488, 561 and 647 nm channels. It also features a spinning disc confocal setup, programmable stage, and programmable frapping ability.

De Gennes

DeGennesĀ supports in-vivo experimental needs of the lab. It allows data acquisition in 488, 561, and 647 nm channels. It also boasts of a micro-point source that can be used for laser ablation of cells and proteins. This microscope is named in honor of Pierre-Gilles, de Gennes, who is a towering figure in soft matter physics.

Supercomputing Resources

As our research interests have diversified into simulations, we extensively use supercomputing resources at Yale. Many members of the lab supplement their experiments with molecular dynamics simulations. Graduate and undergraduate student in lab who have shown inclination towards theory have their independent computing projects.

Cell Culture Room

We have a fully equipped cell culture room for growing and handling various cell lines.