Mike gives talk at Royal Society Meeting

June 20, 2018

Michael gives a talk at the Royal Society for the meeting on New Technologies in Cancer Mechanobiology. Thanks to everyone who attended! Speakers and discussions were all amazing. See below for the abstract.

Dr Michael Murrell, Yale University, USA


Living cells generate and transmit mechanical forces over diverse time-scales and length-scales to determine the dynamics of cell and tissue shape during both homeostatic and pathological processes. On the molecular scale, Mike Murrell’s group uses active gels as a framework to understand how mechanical stresses are transmitted within the cell cytoskeleton. On the scale of cells and tissues, they abstract these stresses to surface tensions in a liquid film and draw analogies between the dynamics of wetting to the shape dynamics of simple tissues. Together, they develop comprehensive descriptions for how cytoskeletal stresses translate to the physical behaviours of cells and tissues.